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Jōyō kanji for Names

Japanese Jōyō Kanji is a list of Kanji characters commonly used in Japan, established for the purpose of regulating Kanji education and use in official documents within the country. The current Jōyō Kanji list, revised in 2010, consists of 2,136 characters, which are listed in the "Jōyō Kanji Table". These characters include the 1,026 "Educational Kanji"(教育漢字) that are learned in elementary school and cover the majority of kanji used in everyday life and work by those who have completed school education.

Jōyō Kanji are also used for personal names, and it is common to use Jōyō Kanji when naming a person. However, Kanji characters outside the Jōyō Kanji list may also be used for technical terms and place names. In addition, personal names may include old-style characters or unique readings, but the use of Jōyō Kanji is recommended for naming.

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