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RyuumiJapanese girl(female) nameJapanese unisex nameClick to speech りゅうみShare this page

  • Gender:Female
  • Hiraganatip:りゅうみ
  • Katakanatip:リュウミ

Names and Meanings by Kanji - 2 variations

In Japanese, there is a culture of kanji which is a set of characters that originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of kanji characters.
The more numerous variations of kanji, the more common name is in Japan. On the other hand, a name with very few variations in kanji is unique and rare to the Japanese.
For Ryuumi, kanji choices are listed below, sorted by the total number of Good!

Introduction to how Japanese names work

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琉美- Ryuumi -

Share琉美 - Ryuumi -

means "gemstone, precious stone."

  • Jewel - A type of gemstone called "Ruri" (琉璃).

Name ideas examples

  • Precious - Symbolizing something of great value and worth.

  • Gemstone - Representing a rare and beautiful object.

  • Radiant - Signifying a bright and shining light.

means "beauty, beautiful, pretty."

  • Beautiful - Having a pleasing appearance or attractive qualities.

  • Splendid - Impressive in appearance or quality.

  • Admirable - Inspiring admiration or approval.

  • Delicious - Having a pleasant, enjoyable taste.

  • Praiseworthy - Deserving of praise or admiration.

Name ideas examples

  • Beautiful - Suggesting a life of grace and elegance.

  • Splendid - Suggesting a life of grandeur and excellence.

  • Admirable - Suggesting a life of honor and respect.

  • Delicious - Suggesting a life full of joy and pleasure.

  • Praiseworthy - Suggesting a life of distinction and admiration.

璃優磨- Ryuumi -

Share璃優磨 - Ryuumi -

means "glass, crystal, gemstone."

  • Jewel - A character used in the name of a gemstone, "Ruri".

  • Glass - A character used in the name of one of the seven treasures, "Hari".

  • Crystal - A transparent, crystalline solid with a regular atomic structure.

  • Glass - A hard, brittle material made from sand, soda, and lime, used for making windows and other objects.

Name ideas examples

  • Jewel - A beautiful and precious name for a baby, symbolizing the preciousness of life.

  • Crystal - This kanji that symbolizes clarity and purity, perfect for a newborn baby.

  • Glass - This kanji that symbolizes strength and resilience, perfect for a baby who will grow up to be strong and independent.

means "gentleness, kindness, superiority."

  • Outstanding - Superior to others.

  • Kind - Refined and beautiful.

  • Harmonious - Peaceful and harmonious.

  • Abundant - Relaxed and with plenty of room.

  • Skilled - A performer or entertainer.

  • Highest - The highest ranking in evaluations such as performance.

Name ideas examples

  • Outstanding - This kanji that conveys excellence and superiority.

  • Kind - This kanji that conveys gentleness and beauty.

  • Harmonious - This kanji that conveys peace and harmony.

  • Abundant - This kanji that conveys abundance and plenty.

means "polish, brush, grind."

  • Grind - To reduce something to small particles by crushing it with an abrasive surface.

  • Pull - To apply force to something in order to move it in a particular direction.

  • Rub - To move one's hand or an object over a surface with pressure.

  • Polish - To make something smooth and shiny by rubbing it with an abrasive material.

  • Diligence - To be hardworking and persistent in one's efforts.

Name ideas examples

  • Grind - To symbolize the strength and resilience of the baby.

  • Pull - To signify the baby's ability to overcome obstacles.

  • Rub - To represent the baby's gentle and caring nature.

  • Polish - To signify the baby's potential to become something beautiful and valuable.

  • Diligence - To represent the baby's determination and ambition.

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