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TomoshiJapanese girl(female) nameJapanese unisex nameClick to speech ともしShare this page

  • Gender:Female
  • Hiraganatip:ともし
  • Katakanatip:トモシ

Names and Meanings by Kanji - 2 variations

In Japanese, there is a culture of kanji which is a set of characters that originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of kanji characters.
The more numerous variations of kanji, the more common name is in Japan. On the other hand, a name with very few variations in kanji is unique and rare to the Japanese.
For Tomoshi, kanji choices are listed below, sorted by the total number of Good!

Introduction to how Japanese names work

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- Tomoshi -

Share燈 - Tomoshi -

means "lamp, light, lantern."

  • Light - A source of illumination that provides brightness and visibility.

  • Lamp - A device used to light a fire.

  • Enlightenment - The teachings of the Buddha that bring light to the darkness of the world.

Name ideas examples

  • Brightness - A symbol of hope and optimism, representing the light that guides us through life.

  • Illumination - A reminder of the wisdom and knowledge that can be gained through life experiences.

  • Enlightenment - A reminder of the spiritual journey that can bring peace and understanding.

朋志- Tomoshi -

Share朋志 - Tomoshi -

means "friend, companion."

  • Friend - A person who learns from the same teacher.

  • Companion - A person who shares the same goal.

Name ideas examples

  • Friendship - A strong bond of mutual affection and understanding between two or more people.

  • Loyalty - A strong feeling of support and allegiance to someone or something.

  • Harmony - A state of peaceful agreement and cooperation between people or groups.

means "aspiration, ambition, goal."

  • Aspiration - To direct one's heart towards a certain goal or objective.

  • Resolution - A goal or objective determined in one's heart.

  • Record - To remember or recall.

  • Document - To record or document.

  • Writings - A record written down. A book.

  • Shima - An abbreviation of Shima.

Name ideas examples

  • Ambition - It conveys the idea of having a strong desire to achieve something. It can also be seen as a reminder to the child to strive for their goals and to never give up.

  • Determination - It conveys the idea of having a strong will and dedication to reach a certain goal. It can also be seen as a reminder to the child to stay focused and never give up.

  • Memory - It conveys the idea of having a strong ability to remember things. It can also be seen as a reminder to the child to always remember the important things in life.

  • Record - It conveys the idea of having a strong ability to record and document things. It can also be seen as a reminder to the child to always document their experiences and achievements.

  • Writing - It conveys the idea of having a strong ability to write and express oneself. It can also be seen as a reminder to the child to always express their thoughts and feelings.

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