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Japanese Names for "���"

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In this site, long sounds are registered as long sounds.
There are many Japanese names that use the "u" and "o" long sounds.
In the Japanese sense of the word, "Ichiro" and "Ichirou" are distinctly different words.

Ichirou click to speech いちろう

Ichiro click to speech いちろ

Taro click to speech たろ

Tarou click to speech たろう

If the name has a long sound, you may get better results if you convert it as follows.

a → aa
i → ii
u → uu
e → ee, ei
o → oo, ou

The initial letters L, Q, V, and X are not familiar to Japanese names.
You may be able to find the names by replacing them as follows.

L → R
Q → K
V → B
X → K

Searches using English words are currently not available.
If you translate it into Japanese, you may get a hit on the name search.

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