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Cool Japanese first names

Cool Japanese first names
Cool Japanese first names

I see that many people around the world look for cool Japanese names on the internet, so in this article I’m introducing some cool Japanese first names.

Japanese names are usually written in kanji. Kanji characters are symbols imported from China and modified to fit the Japanese language. Each kanji represents its own meanings and concepts. So, the meaning of a Japanese name depends on the choice of kanji for the pronunciation.

I’ve picked up names that not only sound cool but also have cool meanings.

Cool male names


Ren has been becoming very popular over the past several years and it’s one of the top-ranking male names in Japan.

There are several possible kanji that you can use for the sound “Ren.” The most popular one used for Ren is 蓮 which means “lotus.” This is such a cool name that sounds beautifully Oriental and mysterious!

(Ren can also be a female name if you use the kanji 恋 which means “romantic love.”)


Another cool name that is becoming popular in Japan lately is Kai.

This is such a cool international name that sounds Oriental and Occidental at the same time, and it’s also popular in Hawaii as well. It means “ocean” in Hawaiian. And Jennifer Connelly’s beautiful son is named Kai, by the way.

In Japanese there are many kanji that can be used for Kai and here are ones with cool meanings.

海: “Sea, waters”

開: “Open”

回: “Turn, round”


Another cool name that sounds very international.

It sounds like the Western name “Kent” and Japanese parents looking for a name with international flair love Kento.

Two kanji are used for the sound Kento (Ken and to) . Here are some cool combinations.

賢人: “wise” + “human.”

健人: “healthy” + “human.”

謙斗: “respect” + “soar.”

The coolest kanji combination for Kento I’ve come across with is 研登, meaning “study, polish” + “rise, ascend.” What a combination with cool and intellectual meanings!

Cool female names


Many Westerners find Anju so cool, and Anju is hugely admired by Japanese people as well. And it also sounds international because it sounds close to the French word Ange. The most popular and lovely kanji combination for Anju may be 杏樹 meaning “apricot + tree.”


What a feminine and elegant name. It sounds gentle and sophisticated in Japanese. Here are some cool kanji combination.

結那: “bond, tie” + “beautiful, many.”

由那: “reason” + “beautiful, many.”

優奈: “gentle” + “big tree.”


Because of the world-famous actress Rinko Kikuchi many people around the world find the name Rinko so cool. 凛子 is the kanji combination for the “Rinko” for Rinko Kikuchi. It’s super cool and it means “dignified” + “child.”

Literally “cool” names!

Finally, here are some cool names with literally “cool” kanji.

Ryoko (female) 涼子

Kanji combination for this female name is “cool” + “child.” How cool is that!

Ryosuke (male) 涼介

The same kanji with Ryoko is used for “Ryo” for this male name: “cool” + “mediate.”

Aoi (unisex) 爽

This kanji means “cool, refreshing.” And also, the pronunciation “aoi” means “blue” so it sounds “cool” as well.

Issa (male) 一颯

This kanji combination means: “one” + “cool breeze.”

I’m sure that not only Japanese people but also Non-Japanese people would find the names in this article really cool!

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