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Japanese names associated with season: Summer

Japanese names associated with season: Summer
Japanese names associated with season: Summer

Following the previous article about Japanese names associated with spring, let me introduce names associated with summer in this article.

In the traditional calendar, summer in Japan officially begins on Rikka (立夏) around the 5th of May and ends on Risshu (立秋) around the 7th of August.

Most parts of Japan have the rainy season called tsuyu before full-blown hot summer comes. Tsuyu 梅雨 literally means “plum rain.”

It’s because plums ripen in this period. Tsuyu brings a lot of rain and damp humid weather, but it brings lovely delight, too.

Japanese people are so passionate about viewing colorful hydrangeas in the parks and temples.

The biggest event in summer in Japan is Bon (盆) holidays.

It is believed that the spirits of ancestors return to this world during this period.

During Bon holidays Japanese people go back to their hometowns for family gathering and to remember the ancestors.

It’s the main traditional event during the year, along with the New Year.

Kanji that are used for names related to summer often have bright and gorgeous meanings, and they also symbolize spaciousness and magnificence associated with sea and stars.

Names with the kanji that represents summer

Summer is natsu in Japanese and represented by this kanji: 夏.

It symbolizes vigor, vitality and dynamism. Here are some cool names that include 夏.

Boy names

Natsuki 夏樹 Click to speech なつき summer + tree

Natsuhiko 夏彦 Click to speech なつひこ summer + accomplished man

Natsuhisa 夏久 Click to speech なつひさ summer + forever

Natsuyoshi 夏芳 Click to speech なつよし summer + fragrance

Natsuyuki 夏之 Click to speech なつゆき summer + move on

Girl names

Natsuko 夏子 Click to speech なつこ summer + child

Natsumi 夏津美 Click to speech なつみ summer + harbor + beauty

Natsuyo 夏代 Click to speech なつよ summer + era, reign

Natsuki 夏希 Click to speech なつき summer + hope

Chinatsu 千夏 Click to speech ちなつ thousand + summer

Sea, waves, sailing

Names associated with sea, ocean, waves, and sailing are often given to summer-born children.

Here are some romantic and charming examples.

Boy names

Takumi 拓海 Click to speech たくみ open, expand + sea

Kaito 海人 Click to speech かいと sea + human

Masami 雅海 Click to speech まさみ grace + sea

Youichi 洋一 Click to speech よういち ocean + one

Wataru 航 Click to speech わたる sail, ship

Girl names

Miyu 海優 Click to speech みゆ sea + gentle

Ami 愛海 Click to speech あみ love + sea

Nanami 七海 Click to speech ななみ seven + sea

Minami 美波 Click to speech みなみ beauty + wave

Youko 洋子 Click to speech ようこ ocean + child

Kaho 華帆 Click to speech かほ beauty, splendor + sail, sailing boat

Names with the kanji that represents star

Because summer is the best time of year to view the full splendor of the Milky Way, kanji for star 星 is very often chosen for names for summer-born children.

Boy names

Seiichi 星一 Click to speech せいいち star + one

Issei 一星 Click to speech いっせい one + star

Ryuusei 龍星 Click to speech りゅうせい dragon + star

Kaisei 海星 Click to speech かいせい sea + star

Girl names

Hoshimi 星美 Click to speech ほしみ star + beauty

Hoshie 星江 Click to speech ほしえ star + bay, creek

Seika 星香 Click to speech せいか star + scent

Seira 星来 Click to speech せいら star + come, future

Seina 星南 Click to speech せいな star + south

Brilliant sunshine and glory for boys

The power of the Sun and yang (in contrast to yin) reaches its peak in summer and it symbolizes the most glorious time of life, so names with brilliant, glorious and prosperous meanings are popular for boys.

Taiyou 太陽 Click to speech たいよう the Sun (The combination of these two kanji represents the Sun. )

Akito 陽翔 Click to speech あきと the Sun, yang + soar

Natsuki 夏輝 Click to speech なつき summer + shine, bright

Moriaki 盛明 Click to speech もりあき florish, prosper + light

Masashi 昌志 Click to speech まさし bright, beautiful, glorious + will

Summer flowers for girls

Flower names are always popular, but flowers are at their most gorgeous in summer.

Here are some gorgeous flower names for girls.

Himawari 向日葵 Click to speech ひまわり sunflower (The combination of these three kanji represents sunflower. )

Yurika 百合華 Click to speech ゆりか lily + beauty, splendor

Marie 茉莉絵 Click to speech まりえ white jasmine + picture

Karen 夏蓮 Click to speech かれん summer + lotus

Aika 葵香 Click to speech あいか hollyhock + scent

I can’t wait to introduce names associated with autumn in my next article!

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