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Japanese names associated with season: Autumn

Japanese names associated with season: Autumn
Japanese names associated with season: Autumn

Following the previous article about names associated with summer, this time it’s about names associated with autumn.

In the traditional calender, autumn in Japan officially begins on Risshu (立秋) around the 7th of August and ends on Ritto (立冬) around the 7th of November.

Names with the kanji that represents autumn

Autumn is aki in Japanese and represented by this kanji: 秋. The kanji 秋 symbolizes good harvest and abundance. Here are some cool names that include 秋.

Boy names

Akio 秋生 Click to speech あきお autumn + life

Akiyoshi 秋吉 Click to speech あきよし autumn + luck

Akira 秋良 Click to speech あきら autumn + goodness

Masaaki 正秋 Click to speech まさあき right, correct + autumn

Hideaki 英秋 Click to speech ひであき excellence, honor + autumn

Girl names

Akina 秋奈 Click to speech あきな autumn + big tree

Akie 秋江 Click to speech あきえ autumn + bay, creek

Akiho 秋帆 Click to speech あきほ autumn + sail, sailing boat

Akine 秋音 Click to speech あきね autumn + sound

Chiaki 智秋 Click to speech ちあき wisdom + autumn

The best season for art

For Japanese people autumn is the season for art. Japanese people believe that autumn is the best season to enjoy, appreciate, and create art. In Japan, the 3rd of November is a national holiday called Culture Day. It’s for the purpose of promoting art and academic endeavor. Also, a variety of special events related to art are held in autumn such as art festivals and ceremonies. Including kanji that are related to art is very popular for names for autumn-born children.

Boy names

Fumiya 文夜 Click to speech ふみや literature + night

Shimon 詩門 Click to speech しもん poetry + gate

Soichiro 奏一郎 Click to speech そういちろう play (the instrument) + one + young man, son

Genki 弦輝 Click to speech げんき string, chord + shine

Makoto 真琴 Click to speech まこと truth + Japanese harp

Girl names

Maiko 舞子 Click to speech まいこ dance + child

Manaka 愛奏 Click to speech まなか love + play (the instrument)

Wakana 和奏 Click to speech わかな peace + play (the instrument)

Sae 咲絵 Click to speech さえ bloom + picture, painting

Shiori 詩織 Click to speech しおり poetry + weave

Crimson leaves

As temperature drops after hot summer, the colors of the leaves change into vivid shades of yellow, orange and red. In Japanese this natural phenomenon is called koyo and represented by two kanji that mean crimson and leaf. The color crimson has always been special for Japanese people for centuries, traditionally used in literature, textiles such as kimono, and other Japanese arts, and it’s associated with autumn because of the burning autumnal tints. The kanji for crimson is 紅. Here are some beautiful names that include this kanji.

Boy names

Kouma 紅馬 Click to speech こうま crimson + horse

Kouji 紅士 Click to speech こうじ crimson + samurai

Kouki 紅季 Click to speech こうき crimson + season

Kousei 紅星 Click to speech こうせい crimson + star

Koutarou 紅太郎 Click to speech こうたろう crimson + big + young man, son

Girl names

Miku 美紅 Click to speech みく beauty + crimson

Akane 紅音 Click to speech あかね crimson + sound

Kunika 紅二香 Click to speech くにか crimson + two + scent

Kurea 紅怜亜 Click to speech くれあ crimson + wise + Asia

Kouko 紅恋 Click to speech こうこ crimson + romantic love

Maples: momiji and kaede

The two most popular autumn leaves in Japan are momiji and kaede. They are both in the maple family and so lovely and elegant that often used for names associated with autumn.

Boy names

Shuuto 椛人 Click to speech しゅうと momiji + human

Shuuji 椛慈 Click to speech しゅうじ momiji + mercy

Fuuto 楓都 Click to speech ふうと kaede + city

Fuuga 楓我 Click to speech ふうが kaede + myself

Fuuma 楓磨 Click to speech ふうま kaede + polish, brush

Girl names

Momoka 椛音 Click to speech ももか momiji + sound

Mona 椛奈 Click to speech もな momiji + big tree

Maika 舞楓 Click to speech まいか dance + kaede

Yuka 優楓 Click to speech ゆか gentle + kaede

Kaera 楓来 Click to speech かえら kaede + come, future

Good harvest, abundance

Because autumn is the season of blessings of natural abundance, the kanji for harvest 穂 and fruit 実 are often used for names associated with autumn.

Boy names

Kazuho 和穂 Click to speech かずほ peace + harvest

Yuuho 有穂 Click to speech ゆうほ presence + harvest

Hodaka 穂高 Click to speech ほだか harvest + high

Minoru 実 Click to speech みのる fruit

Katsumi 克実 Click to speech かつみ be able to + fruit

Girl names

Akiho 秋穂 Click to speech あきほ autumn + harvest

Mizuho 瑞穂 Click to speech みずほ auspicious + harvest

Shiho 幸穂 Click to speech しほ happiness + harvest

Mio 実緒 Click to speech みお fruit + cord, thread

Emiri 絵実里 Click to speech えみり picture, painting + fruit + village

I look forward to introducing names associated with winter in the final article in this series.

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