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Japanese names that sound good internationally

Japanese names that sound good internationally
Japanese names that sound good internationally

As the world is becoming smaller and international names are becoming more popular around the world. I’m happy to see that Japanese names are beginning to be used in the West.

And I know that many people are looking for Japanese names that sound good internationally. Did you know that there are many of them?

I’m introducing some beautiful Japanese names that also sound Western and would work internationally.

Boy names

Ken (as Ken)

Ken is probably the most common Japanese name that sounds good internationally!
Many cool kanji can represent the sound “Ken.”

Possible kanji: 賢 wise; 憲 constitution.

Kento (as Kent)

Kento sounds so smart and sophisticated in Japanese, and works internationally.

Possible kanji: 健人 healthy + human; 研人 study + human.

Kai (as Kai)

Such a beautiful and exotic multi-cultural name! It has cool meanings in many languages such as “ocean” in Hawaiian and “rejoice” in Swedish.
It’s a popular name in Eastern Europe and China, and is becoming popular in Japan, too.

Possible kanji: 海 Sea; 開 open.

Dan (as Dan)

Dan sounds almost the same as the Western Dan. In Japanese Dan sounds masculine and brave.

Possible kanji: 暖 warm; 壇 stage.

Riki (as Ricky)

Riki sounds a little like Ricky. Riki has a strong and brilliant feel.

Possible kanji: 力 power; 利喜 benefit + joy.

Joji (as George)

Jo(u)ji sounds like George, and it’s a common name in Japan. Jo (as Joe) is common, too.

Possible kanji: 城治 castle + govern; 譲二 grant + two.

Yujin (as Eugene)

Yu(u)jin sounds beautifully mysterious. It’s very chic and becoming popular in Japan.

Possible kanji: 悠仁 everlasting + mercy; 祐尽 help + give.

Jin (as Gene or Jean)

Jin is a common name, and it sounds both masculine and graceful in Japanese.

Possible kanji: 仁 mercy; 進 progress.

Girl names

Hana (as Hanna or Hannah)

The sound “hana” means flower in Japanese. A very lovely and charming name.

Possible kanji: 花 flower; 葉奈 leaf + big tree.

Karen (as Karen)

Karen sounds gorgeous in Japanese and can be represented by gorgeous kanji as well!

Possible kanji: 華恋 beauty, splendor + romantic love; 歌蓮 song + lotus.

Maya (as Maya or Mia)

A name known in many cultures. Maya sounds mysterious in Japanese. It’s probably because it reminds you of the Maya civilization.

Possible kanji: 真矢truth + arrow; 摩弥 polish + more and more, a long time.

Anna (as Anna)

I’m sure Anna sounds feminine and beautiful in almost every culture. It’s the same in Japanese.

Possible kanji: 安奈 peace + big tree; 杏菜 apricot + greens.

Mei (as May)

Mei can easily be pronounced internationally.
Mei has a joyful feel. Names with an international flair are becoming popular in Japan, so some parents name their May-born girl Mei.

Possible kanji: 萌衣 sprout + dress; 夢唯 dream + only.

Erika (as Erika or Erica)

It’s very interesting that Japanese Erika and Erika of Old Norse origin sound almost the same!
This enchanting name Erika is usually made up of three kanji. It would be so fun to come up with a lovely combination.

Possible kanji: 恵理香 blessings + reason + scent; 江梨花 bay, creek + pear + flower.

Sara (as Sarah or Sara)

Although it sounds a bit different from the English Sarah, it’s close enough and many chic kanji can be used for Sara.

Possible kanji: 紗良 silk + goodness; 沙楽 sand + fun.

Unisex names

Naomi (as Naomi)

It sounds a bit different from the Hebrew Naomi, but again, it’s close enough.
Naomi is a very common name in Japan. It’s mainly used by females, but it’s a unisex name.

Possible kanji for boys: 直己 right + self.

Possible kanji for girls: 尚美 wish + beauty.

Kei (as Kay)

Another very common unisex name in Japan. I’m sure Kei sounds very good in any culture.

Possible kanji for boys: 啓 teach, illuminate.

Possible kanji for girls: 景 light, view.

Jun (as June)

Jun has always been a popular name. As with the case with Mei (as May) some parents name their June-born boy or girl Jun.

Possible kanji for boys: 純 pure.

Possible kanji for girls: 潤 abundance.

Rei (as Ray)

Rei sounds cool and mysterious, and can be represented by many elegant kanji.

Possible kanji for boys: 礼 gratitude.

Possible kanji for girls: 麗 beautiful, graceful.


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