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Eleven stories behind the Japanese naming

Eleven stories behind the Japanese naming

There are as many names as there are children born, and each naming has its own story. This article will introduce 11 examples of Japanese naming practices.
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Suffixes attached to names that Japanese people consider to be important

Suffixes attached to names that Japanese people consider to be important

In Japan, you might encounter the situation that people use suffixes to attach to their names. We tend not to call someone’s name without suffixes unless she/he is your close friend or family member.

For instance, when you were introduced to Mr. Kenji Yamada at the first meeting, you wouldn’t say him ‘hi, how are you Kenji?” It seems friendly to some people but sounds like a bit impolite .

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The popular names for children of mixed nationality couples

The popular names for children of mixed nationality couples

For an interracial couple, they share two different cultures (or more!) is so exciting. And if the parents have different nationalities, how they name their child?
Here are our picks for the popular names for mixed race child.

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