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Japanese names associated with season: Winter

Japanese names associated with season: Winter
Japanese names associated with season: Winter

In this final article of the series of Japanese names associated with seasons, I’m introducing names associated with winter.

In the traditional calender, winter in Japan officially begins on Ritto (立冬) around the 7th of November and ends on Risshun (立春) around the 3rd of February.

Many people assume that it’s warm in winter in Japan, but it’s actually quite cold and winter creates striking and beautiful contrast in scenery to warm seasons.

Japanese names associated with winter are often romantic, pure and serene. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Names with the kanji that represents winter

Winter is fuyu in Japanese and represented by this kanji: 冬. It symbolizes closing of cycles. Here are some icy cool names that include 冬.

Boy names

Fuyuki 冬樹 Click to speech ふゆき winter + tree

Fuyuyoshi 冬善 Click to speech ふゆよし winter + virtue

Fuyuto 冬登 Click to speech ふゆと winter + ascend, rise

Fuyuhito 冬仁 Click to speech ふゆひと winter + benevolence

Fuyuhiro 冬洋 Click to speech ふゆひろ winter + ocean

Girl names

Fuyuka 冬佳 Click to speech ふゆか winter + good, excellent

Fuyune 冬音 Click to speech ふゆね winter + sound

Fuyuko 冬子 Click to speech ふゆこ winter + child

Fuyumi 冬美 Click to speech ふゆみ winter + beauty

Mifuyu 深冬 Click to speech みふゆ deep + winter

100 words for snow

Yes, it snows in Japan! Big cities and the southern part of Japan have light snowfalls, and in the north it’s constantly covered with snow throughout the winter. In the Japanese language there are actually more than 100 words to describe various different kinds of snow, which means Japanese people have always had remarkable sensitivity to and affinity with snow. The kanji for the most general word for snow is 雪and pronounced yuki. Using this kanji for winter-born children has always been quite popular.

Boy names

Yukiya 雪矢 Click to speech ゆきや snow + arrow

Yukinari 雪成 Click to speech ゆきなり snow + become

Yukiharu 雪栄 Click to speech ゆきはる snow + glory

Teruyuki 輝雪 Click to speech てるゆき shine + snow

Kazuyuki 和雪 Click to speech かずゆき peace + snow

Girl names

Miyuki 深雪 Click to speech みゆき deep + snow

Koyuki 恋雪 Click to speech こゆき romantic love + snow

Yukime 雪夢 Click to speech ゆきめ snow + dream

Yukina 雪那 Click to speech ゆきな snow + many, beautiful

Yukine 雪寧 Click to speech ゆきね snow + calm

Holly tree

Holly is very much associated with winter in Japan as well, as it is in the West. The kanji for holly is 柊 and it’s made up of the kanji for “tree” and “winter” combined together into a single kanji. Here are some romantic names with the kanji 柊.

Boy names

Shuuto 柊冬 Click to speech しゅうと holly + winter

Shuuta 柊汰 Click to speech しゅうた holly + scour

Shuuji 柊司 Click to speech しゅうじ holly + govern, rule

Shuugo 柊悟 Click to speech しゅうご holly + realize, become aware

Shuuhei 柊平 Click to speech しゅうへい holly + even, level, peaceful

Girl names

Asahi 朝柊 Click to speech あさひ morning + holly

Haruhi 晴柊 Click to speech はるひ clear, fair + holly

Hisae 柊沙恵 Click to speech ひさえ holly + sand + blessings

Hime 柊女 Click to speech ひめ holly + woman

Shuuka 柊歌 Click to speech しゅうか holly + song

Silent and still winter

One of the essential characteristics of Japanese people is that Japanese people so deeply appreciate silence and stillness. The whole Japanese culture, aesthetics and arts are grounded in the sense of silence and stillness. And the sense of silence and stillness is felt and enjoyed more in winter than in any other seasons. In Japan, even the New Year is so quiet. In contrast to Western New Year with noisy fireworks and crazy dance parties, New Year in Japan is very quiet and you can hear only the solemn gongs of the temple bell. The kanji that represents quietness is 静 and here are some beautifully serene names with this kanji.

Boy names

Shizuya 静哉 Click to speech しずや quiet, silent + beginning

Shizuru 静流 Click to speech しずる quiet, silent + stream, current

Shizuo 静央 Click to speech しずお quiet, silent + center

Shizuhiro 静弘 Click to speech しずひろ quiet, silent + vast

Seiji 静治 Click to speech せいじ quiet, silent + govern

Girl names

Shizuyo 静夜 Click to speech しずよ quiet, silent + night

Shizuku 静空 Click to speech しずく quiet, silent + sky

Shizue 静枝 Click to speech しずえ quiet, silent + branch

Shizuha 静羽 Click to speech シズハ quiet, silent + feather

Sayaka 静弥香 Click to speech さやか quiet, silent + more and more + scent

It was such a joy to introduce Japanese names associated with the four seasons to you!

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