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21,378 first names, 70,620 last names, 317,184 kanji variations.
one of the best Japanese name searches for a baby!

Tips for search

Here are some tips for better results experience.

Allowed characters

Free word searches are available in Japanese (hiragana, katakana, and kanji) and English alphabet.
Please note that searches using special characters, non-English characters, and English words are not possible.

Multiple String Search

If multiple character strings are entered with single-byte spaces, an AND search will be performed.

Search by “aya” + “愛”
Search by “月” + “夜”

We do not support multi-word searches for English meaning. Sorry.

Exact Match Search

If you check the “Exact Match” box, the search will be performed as an exact match.

Search Result with “悠”, exact match
Search Result with “悠”, non exact match

Unfamiliar initial letters

The initial letters L, Q, V, and X are not familiar with Japanese names. You may find the name by replacing them as follows.

L → R
Q → K
V → B
X → K

Long vowels as they are

On this site, based on the romanization of Japanese, long vowels are registered as they are. Many Japanese names use the “u” and “o” long sounds. In the Japanese sense of the language, “Ichiro” and “Ichirou” are distinctly different words.


Ichirou Click to speech いちろう

Ichiro Click to speech いちろ

Taro Click to speech たろ

Tarou Click to speech たろう

If the name has a Long vowel, you may get better results if you convert it as follows.

a → aa
i → ii
u → uu
e → ee, ei
o → oo, ou

Shohei Click to speech しょへい → Shouhei Click to speech しょうへい
Yoko Click to speech よこ → Youko Click to speech ようこ

This site supports Glomaji (Global Romaji), a system designed to closely mirror Japanese pronunciation. Developed by Hiragana Times, Glomaji is a specific version of romaji utilized for typing Japanese on a computer using the English alphabet.

About Hiragana Times Magazine
SuperJ’s article

Make the last letter look like a Japanese name

You may get results by changing the last letter of the name as follows.

y → i
w → u
h → none

e.g. Emy → Emi, Show → shou, Sarah → Sara

If you have any questions, please contact!

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Love for Ukraine

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As the situation in Ukraine escalates, I feel with emotions too overwhelming to name. There are many children in Ukraine whose homes have been destroyed and without food and water. Gentle support is needed.

Please donate to Save the Children.

According to Google Analytics, Japanese has been visited from 217 countries and regions for 30 days. Of course, Ukrainian and Russian users are also included.

For the kind Russian people

Apparently this isn't broadcast on Russian TV, but what the Russian government is doing isn't actually a peacekeeping operation, but is more correctly described as an invasion and looting of your relative's country, Ukraine.

The only power that can change the reality in Ukraine is for the Russian people to speak out. Please touch the world media outside of Russia to see how your government is causing the tragic situation. Thank you for a peaceful world!

e.g. UNICEF, Red Cross