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Japanese girl(female) nameJapanese unisex name Sekai
Click to speech せかいShare this page

  • Gender:Female
  • Hiraganatip:せかい
  • Katakanatip:セカイ
  • English transcriptionstip:Sekai
  • Nickname examplestip:

    Sekachan(せかちゃん)Click to speech せかちゃんKaichan(かいちゃん)Click to speech かいちゃんSe-chan(せーちゃん)Click to speech せーちゃん

Names and Meanings by Kanji - 3 variations

In Japanese, there is a culture of kanji which is a set of characters that originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of kanji characters.
The more numerous variations of kanji, the more common name is in Japan. On the other hand, a name with very few variations in kanji is unique and rare to the Japanese.
For Sekai, kanji choices are listed below, sorted by the total number of Good!

Introduction to how Japanese names work

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聖音- Sekai -

Share聖音 - Sekai -

means "holy, sacred."

Name ideas examples

  • Sacred - It implies that the child is special and has a spiritual connection to something greater than themselves.

  • Wise - It implies intelligence and knowledge, which are important qualities for a child to have.

  • Intelligent - It implies that the child is capable of understanding and learning.

  • Noble - It implies that the child is of high status and has a strong sense of honor and integrity.

  • Pure - It implies that the child is innocent and untainted by the world.

means "sound, noise."

  • Sound - The vibration of air that is heard by the ear.

  • Verse - A song or piece of music.

  • News - A visit or message.

  • Chinese pronunciation of a character imported from China, and its reading.

Name ideas examples

  • Sound - This kanji that evokes a pleasant sound, such as a musical note or a gentle breeze.

  • Verse - This kanji that is lyrical and poetic, such as a line from a poem or a song.

  • News - This kanji that symbolizes a message of hope or joy, such as a word that means “good news” or “happiness”.

  • Chinese pronunciation - This kanji that has a Chinese pronunciation, such as a character that has a special meaning in Chinese culture.

means "world, society, generation."

  • Generation - The period of time from when one generation takes over the position from their parents until they pass it on to their children.

  • Era - A period of time in history.

  • Society - The world, the people and the environment around us.

  • Succession - The passing down of something from one generation to the next.

Name ideas examples

  • Generation - It implies that the baby is part of a larger family and will carry on the legacy of their ancestors.

  • Era - It implies that the baby will be part of a larger society and will be part of a larger movement.

  • Society - It implies that the baby will be part of a larger community and will be part of a larger culture.

  • Succession - It implies that the baby will be part of a larger family and will carry on the legacy of their ancestors.

  • Continuity - It implies that the baby will be part of a larger family and will carry on the legacy of their ancestors.

means "boundary, world, domain."

  • Boundary, Division, Separation - A boundary or division that marks the end of something or the beginning of something else.

  • Limit, End - The limit or end of something.

  • Within The Boundary, Division - Within the boundary or division that marks the end of something or the beginning of something else.

  • Area, Range - An area or range that is marked by a boundary or division.

Name ideas examples

  • Limitless - Suggesting that the baby will have no limits or boundaries in life.

  • Boundless - Suggesting that the baby will have no boundaries or divisions in life.

  • Limitless Possibilities - Suggesting that the baby will have limitless possibilities in life.

  • Boundless Opportunities - Suggesting that the baby will have boundless opportunities in life.

星海- Sekai -

Share星海 - Sekai -

means "star."

  • Star - A bright point of light in the night sky, a small and distant object, like a star seen from afar.

  • Aim - A target, a goal.

  • Suspect - A criminal, a person of interest.

Name ideas examples

  • Star - A symbol of hope, light, and guidance, a reminder of the beauty of the night sky.

  • Aim - A reminder to strive for one's goals and dreams, to never give up.

  • Suspect - A reminder to always be aware of one's actions and to stay on the right path.

means "ocean, sea."

  • Sea - A large body of water, usually salty, that covers much of the Earth's surface.

  • Sea God - A deity associated with the sea, often depicted as a powerful and benevolent figure.

  • Lake or Pond - A large body of fresh water, usually surrounded by land.

  • Wide and Large - Describing something that is very broad and expansive.

  • Gathering Place - A place where many people or things come together.

Name ideas examples

  • Sea - Representing the vastness of the ocean and the power of the sea.

  • Sea God - Representing strength, protection, and guidance.

  • Lake or Pond - Representing tranquility, serenity, and peace.

  • Wide and Large - Representing ambition, strength, and courage.

  • Gathering Place - Representing community, friendship, and connection.

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