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Japanese boy(male) name Tsuzuki
Click to speech つづきAdd to First Name FavoritesShare this page

  • Gender:Male
  • Hiraganatip:つづき
  • Katakanatip:ツヅキ
  • English transcriptionstip:Tsuzuki, Tuzuki
  • Nickname examplestip:

    Tsuzukikun(つずきくん)Click to speech つずきくんTsutsuchan( つつちゃん)Click to speech  つつちゃんZukitan( ずきたん)Click to speech  ずきたん

Names and Meanings by Kanji - 4 variations

In Japanese, there is a culture of kanji which is a set of characters that originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of kanji characters.
The more numerous variations of kanji, the more common name is in Japan. On the other hand, a name with very few variations in kanji is unique and rare to the Japanese.
For Tsuzuki, kanji choices are listed below, sorted by the total number of Good!

Introduction to how Japanese names work

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続喜- Tsuzuki -

Add to First Name Favorites Share続喜 - Tsuzuki -

means "continuation, sequel."

  • Continue - To keep going or to persist.

  • Connect - To link or join together.

  • Follow - To come after or succeed.

  • Inherit - To receive or take over from a predecessor.

Name ideas examples

  • Continuity - The state of being continuous or uninterrupted.

  • Connection - A relationship between two or more people or things.

  • Succession - The act of following or succeeding someone or something.

  • Legacy - Something handed down from a predecessor.

means "joy, rejoice, pleasure."

Name ideas examples

  • Joy, Happiness - To bring joy and happiness to the family, to bring a sense of delight and contentment.

  • Preference - To show a preference for the family, to express a fondness for the family.

  • Celebration - To commemorate a special occasion, to mark a joyous event.

- Tsuzuki -

Add to First Name Favorites Share續 - Tsuzuki -

means "."

綴稀- Tsuzuki -

Add to First Name Favorites Share綴稀 - Tsuzuki -

means "spell, write, compose."

  • Connecting - Joining or linking together.

  • Composing - Creating or writing a sentence or passage.

  • Sewing - Fastening or stitching together.

  • Securing - Fastening or holding in place.

Name ideas examples

  • Connect - Suggesting a strong bond or connection.

  • Compose - Suggesting creativity and the ability to create something beautiful.

  • Secure - Suggesting safety and protection.

means "rare, unusual, uncommon."

  • Rare - Not common or occurring often

  • Faint - Very weak or slight

  • Sparse - Not dense or thick

  • Thin - Having little substance or strength

  • Dilute - Make (a liquid) thinner or weaker by adding water or another solvent.

Name ideas examples

  • Unique - Being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else.

  • Precious - Of great value, cherished.

  • Special - Better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

  • Delicate - Fragile, easily damaged or destroyed.

  • Refined - Having a delicate or subtle quality.

都月- Tsuzuki -

Add to First Name Favorites Share都月 - Tsuzuki -

means "city, capital."

  • Big Town - Refers to a large city, such as Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan.

  • Emperor's Palace - Refers to the palace of the Emperor of Japan.

  • To Rule - Refers to the act of governing or ruling over a group of people or a country.

  • Elegant - Refers to a graceful and refined manner or style.

  • Graceful and Beautiful - Refers to a graceful and beautiful appearance or manner.

  • To Gather - Refers to the act of coming together in a group or gathering.

  • To Collect - Refers to the act of gathering or collecting items.

  • Everything - Refers to all things or all people.

  • Everyone - Refers to all people or everyone.

Name ideas examples

  • Grand City - This kanji implies a sense of grandeur and majesty, and could be a great choice for a baby born in a large city.

  • Imperial Palace - This kanji could be a great choice for a baby born in a city with an imperial palace, as it implies a sense of royalty and power.

  • Tokyo - This kanji could be a great choice for a baby born in Tokyo, as it is the abbreviation of the city.

  • Govern - This kanji implies a sense of leadership and authority, and could be a great choice for a baby born into a position of power.

  • Elegant - This kanji implies a sense of grace and beauty, and could be a great choice for a baby born into a family of high social standing.

  • Gather - This kanji implies a sense of unity and togetherness, and could be a great choice for a baby born into a large family.

  • All - This kanji implies a sense of completeness and universality, and could be a great choice for a baby born into a large family.

means "moon, month."

  • Moon - The moon visible in the sky, the satellite of the Earth.

  • Month - A period of time equal to one twelfth of a year. Every month, monthly.

  • Monday - One of the seven days of the week.

Name ideas examples

  • Moon - A celestial body that symbolizes light, hope, and new beginnings.

  • Month - A reminder of the passage of time and the importance of cherishing each moment.

  • Every Month - A reminder to appreciate the beauty of life and the joy of each month.

  • Monday - A reminder to start each week with a positive attitude and a determination to make the most of it.

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