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  • Hiraganatip:とまる
  • Katakanatip:トマル
  • Householdstip:aprx. 2,000
  • English transcriptiontip:Tomaru

Names and Meanings by Kanji - 8 variations

In Japanese, there is a culture of kanji which is a set of characters that originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of kanji characters.
Even surnames with the same reading have different meanings depending on how the kanji characters are applied.
For Tomaru, kanji choices are listed below, sorted by the households number in Japan.

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都丸- Tomaru -

Share都丸 - Tomaru -

means "city, capital."

  • Big Town - Refers to a large city, such as Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan.

  • Emperor's Palace - Refers to the palace of the Emperor of Japan.

  • To Rule - Refers to the act of governing or ruling over a group of people or a country.

  • Elegant - Refers to a graceful and refined manner or style.

  • Graceful and Beautiful - Refers to a graceful and beautiful appearance or manner.

  • To Gather - Refers to the act of coming together in a group or gathering.

  • To Collect - Refers to the act of gathering or collecting items.

  • Everything - Refers to all things or all people.

  • Everyone - Refers to all people or everyone.

means "circle, round, perfection."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 1,000

戸丸- Tomaru -

Share戸丸 - Tomaru -

means "door, household, family, counter for houses."

  • Door, Entrance - The entrance or exit of a house or room.

  • House - A house or dwelling.

  • Amount of Alcohol - The amount of alcohol that can be consumed.

  • Name - Used as a name or place name.

means "circle, round, perfection."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 400

外丸- Tomaru -

Share外丸 - Tomaru -

means "outside, exterior, foreign, other."

  • Outside - A place outside of a certain range.

  • Other - Something or someone other than the central point.

  • Remove - To take away or keep away.

  • Relatives - Relatives from the mother's side or the wife's side.

  • Deviate - To go against or turn away from.

means "circle, round, perfection."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 200

登丸- Tomaru -

Share登丸 - Tomaru -

means "climb, ascend, register, login."

  • Ascend - To go up, to climb to a higher place.

  • Accomplish - To achieve, to complete.

  • Immediately - To do something right away, to stand in the present.

  • Ripen - To mature, for grains to become ripe.

means "circle, round, perfection."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 100

- Tomaru -

Share泊 - Tomaru -

means "stay, overnight."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 40

渡丸- Tomaru -

Share渡丸 - Tomaru -

means "cross, pass over."

  • To Cross - To cross a river or sea by boat.

  • To Pass Through - To pass through or go over something.

  • To Transfer - To transfer or give something to someone.

  • To Pass On - To pass something on to someone else.

means "circle, round, perfection."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 30

- Tomaru -

Share溜 - Tomaru -

means "accumulation, gathering, storage."

  • To collect or gather in one place - This can refer to the gathering of water, people, or other objects in one place.

  • To flow - This can refer to the flow of water, such as a river or stream.

  • To drip or trickle - This can refer to the dripping or trickling of water, such as rain.

  • Householdstip: under 10

東丸- Tomaru -

Share東丸 - Tomaru -

means "east, oriental, tokyo."

  • East - Directional name. To go east.

  • Master - In ancient times, the master was located in the east and the guest in the west.

  • Region - The area east of Hakone. Kanto region.

means "circle, round, perfection."

  • Householdstip: under 10

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