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  • Hiraganatip:よだ
  • Katakanatip:ヨダ
  • Householdstip:aprx. 7,000
  • English transcriptiontip:Yoda

Names and Meanings by Kanji - 12 variations

In Japanese, there is a culture of kanji which is a set of characters that originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of kanji characters.
Even surnames with the same reading have different meanings depending on how the kanji characters are applied.
For Yoda, kanji choices are listed below, sorted by the households number in Japan.

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依田- Yoda -

Share依田 - Yoda -

means "dependent, rely on, trust in."

  • Rely on - To trust and depend on someone or something.

  • Lean on - To rely on someone or something for support.

  • Follow - To go along with or obey someone or something.

  • As is - To remain in the same state or condition.

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 6,000

与田- Yoda -

Share与田 - Yoda -

means "to give, to provide, to offer."

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 600

means "world, society, generation."

  • Generation - The period of time from when one generation takes over the position from their parents until they pass it on to their children.

  • Era - A period of time in history.

  • Society - The world, the people and the environment around us.

  • Succession - The passing down of something from one generation to the next.

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 80

與田- Yoda -

Share與田 - Yoda -

means "and, with."

  • Give - To provide or supply something to someone.

  • Join forces - To combine efforts in order to achieve a common goal.

  • Become allies - To form a partnership or alliance with someone.

  • Together - To be in the same place or situation at the same time.

  • Take along - To accompany someone or something.

  • Entrust - To give someone the responsibility of taking care of something.

  • Involve - To be a part of or connected to something.

  • Relate - To have a connection or association with something.

  • Participate - To take part in an activity or event.

  • Compare - To examine or look at in order to note similarities and differences.

  • Parallel - To be similar or analogous in some way.

  • Indicate - To point out or show something.

  • Question - To ask for information or an explanation.

  • Irony - To express something different from what is actually meant.

  • Eulogy - To praise someone or something in a speech or writing.

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 50

余田- Yoda -

Share余田 - Yoda -

means "surplus, excess, remainder."

  • Remain, Leftover - To remain or leave something behind.

  • Excess - Having more than necessary.

  • Other - Something else, something not mentioned.

  • Self - Referring to oneself.

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 20

means "substitute, generation, era."

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: under 10

餘田- Yoda -

Share餘田 - Yoda -

means "surplus. remainder."

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: under 10

蓬田- Yoda -

Share蓬田 - Yoda -

means "mugwort, wormwood."

  • Weed - A wild plant that grows in an uncontrolled manner.

  • Moxa - A medicinal herb used in traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Willow - A type of tree with long, slender branches.

  • Disarra - A state of disorder or chaos.

  • Crowded - A large number of people or things in close proximity.

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: under 10

誉田- Yoda -

Share誉田 - Yoda -

means "honor, glory."

  • Praise, Acclaim - To express admiration or approval of someone or something.

  • Good Reputation - To have a favorable opinion of someone or something.

  • Enjoyment - To take pleasure in something.

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: under 10

寄田- Yoda -

Share寄田 - Yoda -

means "to approach, to draw near, to gather, to contribute."

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: under 10

頼田- Yoda -

Share頼田 - Yoda -

means "rely, depend on."

  • To rely on - To trust and depend on someone or something.

  • Someone or something to rely on - A person or thing that can be trusted and depended on.

  • To make a profit - To gain a benefit or advantage.

  • Thanks to - Acknowledging something as a result of something else.

  • To request - To ask for something.

  • Reliable - Someone or something that can be trusted and depended on.

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: under 10

輿田- Yoda -

Share輿田 - Yoda -

輿 means "palanquin, litter, sedan chair."

  • Carriage - A vehicle used to carry people or objects.

  • Carry - To transport people or objects.

  • Platform - A base to carry all things.

  • Earth - Metaphorically, the beginning of things.

  • Servant - A person of low status. A servant.

means "rice field, rice paddy."

  • Householdstip: under 10

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