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  • Hiraganatip:えびはら
  • Katakanatip:エビハラ
  • Householdstip:aprx. 7,000
  • English transcriptiontip:Ebihara

Names and Meanings by Kanji - 6 variations

In Japanese, there is a culture of kanji which is a set of characters that originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of kanji characters.
Even surnames with the same reading have different meanings depending on how the kanji characters are applied.
For Ebihara, kanji choices are listed below, sorted by the households number in Japan.

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海老原- Ebihara -

Add to Last Name Favorites Share海老原 - Ebihara -

means "ocean, sea."

  • Sea - A large body of water, usually salty, that covers much of the Earth's surface.

  • Sea God - A deity associated with the sea, often depicted as a powerful and benevolent figure.

  • Lake or Pond - A large body of fresh water, usually surrounded by land.

  • Wide and Large - Describing something that is very broad and expansive.

  • Gathering Place - A place where many people or things come together.

means "old, aged, senior."

  • To age - To grow old, to become elderly.

  • Elderly person - Someone who has accumulated experience and is experienced.

  • To treat as elderly - To treat someone with respect due to their age.

  • To retire due to age - To retire from work due to having reached a certain age.

  • Lao Tzu - A Chinese philosopher, also known as Laozi, whose abbreviated name is "Lao".

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 6,000

蛯原- Ebihara -

Add to Last Name Favorites Share蛯原 - Ebihara -

means "."

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 1,000

蝦原- Ebihara -

Add to Last Name Favorites Share蝦原 - Ebihara -

means "shrimp, prawn."

  • Frog - A small amphibian with a short body, long hind legs for jumping, and a wide mouth.

  • Crayfish - A small crustacean with a hard shell, typically found in freshwater habitats.

  • Shrimp - A small, slender crustacean with a long body and many legs, typically found in saltwater habitats.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 40

恵比原- Ebihara -

Add to Last Name Favorites Share恵比原 - Ebihara -

means "blessing, favor, grace."

  • To bestow - To give something to someone, usually out of kindness or generosity.

  • Compassionate - Showing kindness and sympathy towards others.

  • Generous - Willing to give more than is expected or needed.

  • Calm - Having a peaceful and tranquil demeanor.

  • Wise - Having good judgement and understanding.

  • Insightful - Having the ability to understand and interpret things quickly and accurately.

means "comparison, ratio."

  • Compare - To look for differences between two or more things. To consider the relative merits and demerits. To compare.

  • Learn - To exemplify. To imitate. To mimic.

  • Fellow - A person of the same kind or class.

  • Trial - A rule or precedent.

  • Ratio - A proportion or rate.

  • Line Up - To stand side by side. To arrange in a line.

  • Intimate - To become close. To draw near. To be on friendly terms.

  • Favor - To show partiality.

  • Match - To fit together.

  • These Days - A reference to the present time.

  • Philippines - An abbreviation of the country name "The Republic of the Philippines(比律賓)".

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

鰕原- Ebihara -

Add to Last Name Favorites Share鰕原 - Ebihara -

means "shrimp."

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

蛭原- Ebihara -

Add to Last Name Favorites Share蛭原 - Ebihara -

means "."

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

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