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  • Hiraganatip:かんばら
  • Katakanatip:カンバラ
  • Householdstip:aprx. 6,000
  • English transcriptiontip:Kambara

Names and Meanings by Kanji - 18 variations

In Japanese, there is a culture of kanji which is a set of characters that originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of kanji characters.
Even surnames with the same reading have different meanings depending on how the kanji characters are applied.
For Kambara, kanji choices are listed below, sorted by the households number in Japan.

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神原- Kambara -

Share神原 - Kambara -

means "god, deity."

  • God - The divine being, the creator of all things.

  • Mysterious Work - Unfathomable and spiritual work.

  • Soul - The spiritual essence of a person.

  • Heart - The innermost part of a person.

  • Excellence - The highest level of achievement.

  • Preciousness - Something of great value.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 4,000

菅原- Kambara -

Share菅原 - Kambara -

means "sedge, rush, reed."

  • General name for perennial herbs of the sedge family Kayazulaceae.

  • Karukya - A grass of the rice family.

  • Sugawara clan - Especially Michizane Sugawara(菅原道真).

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 600

榊原- Kambara -

Share榊原 - Kambara -

means "sakaki tree, sacred tree used in shinto rituals."

  • Sakaki - A evergreen small tree belonging to the family of Tsubaki.

  • Sacred Tree - It is offered to the gods with its branches and leaves.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 200

上原- Kambara -

Share上原 - Kambara -

means "up, above, top."

  • Going up - Moving from a lower place to a higher place.

  • High position - Having a high position, value, age, etc.

  • Before - In terms of time, order, or flow of things.

  • Offer - To give or present something.

  • Ascend - To go to the center.

  • Landlady - A woman who is the wife of a person or the mistress of a house.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 200

鎌原- Kambara -

Share鎌原 - Kambara -

means "sickle, scythe."

  • Scythe - A farming tool used to cut grass.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 100

蒲原- Kambara -

Share蒲原 - Kambara -

means "bulrush, cattail."

  • Gama - A perennial grass of the Gama family.

  • Yanagi - A type of willow.

  • Mat - A type of mat made from Gama grass.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 40

関原- Kambara -

Share関原 - Kambara -

means "barrier, connection, relationship."

  • Border, Gateway - A place where people are checked when crossing a border or a major transportation route.

  • Lock - A wooden bar used to secure a gate.

  • Close, Seal - To shut or block off.

  • Mechanism - A device or system of devices used to achieve a particular purpose.

  • Involve, Entrust - To be related to or to take responsibility for something.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 30

寒原- Kambara -

Share寒原 - Kambara -

means "cold, chilly, frigid."

  • Cold, Chilly - Feeling cold or chilly.

  • Shivering - Feeling a chill or shiver.

  • Lonely - Feeling lonely or isolated.

  • Poor - Feeling poor or destitute.

  • Humiliated - Feeling humiliated or degraded.

  • Scarce - Having scarce resources or supplies.

  • Difficult - Having a difficult life or living conditions.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 30

勘原- Kambara -

Share勘原 - Kambara -

means "intuition, perception, sixth sense."

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: aprx. 20

金原- Kambara -

Share金原 - Kambara -

means "gold, money, metal."

  • Metal - A general term for metals, such as gold.

  • Money - Currency, coins, and other forms of payment.

  • Color - Golden or golden-colored.

  • Hardness - A metaphor for something hard.

  • Beauty - A metaphor for something beautiful and precious, like gold.

  • Metal in Five Elements - One of the five elements,

  • West - West in eight directions.

  • Star - The name of a star, Venus.

  • Shogi Piece - One of the pieces in shogi, the gold general(金将).

  • Friday - One of the seven days of the week.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

鑑原- Kambara -

Share鑑原 - Kambara -

means "mirror, specimen, example."

  • Mirror - A tool that uses the reflection of light to reflect a person's face or figure.

  • Model - A standard or example to be followed.

  • Consider - To think carefully by comparing with a model. To distinguish.

  • Large Vessel - A large container for holding water. A large basin.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

管原- Kambara -

Share管原 - Kambara -

means "pipe, tube, cylinder."

  • Flute - A general term for a wind instrument that is made of bamboo and is blown to make sound.

  • Pen Axis - The axis of a pen.

  • Tube - A thin, tubular object made of bamboo.

  • Key - A device used to open or close a lock.

  • Govern - To rule, control, regulate, or manage.

  • Essential - Necessary or important.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

甲原- Kambara -

Share甲原 - Kambara -

means "armor, first, a (in a sequence of items)."

  • First in rank or order - The first in a series of things or a class of things.

  • Hard outer covering - A hard outer covering that covers the exterior of something. e.g. Turtle shell(甲羅).

  • Armor - Protective clothing that covers the body. e.g. 甲冑.

  • Element of Wood - In the Five Elements, it is associated with Wood.

  • Direction of East - In the Eight Directions, it is associated with East.

  • High pitch - Refers to a high pitch in sound.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

監原- Kambara -

Share監原 - Kambara -

means "supervise, oversee, watch over."

  • To Observe, To Watch Over - This involves keeping an eye on something or someone to ensure that they are safe and secure.

  • To Manage, To Oversee - This involves taking responsibility for the management of something or someone.

  • To imprison - This involves confining someone in a prison or jail.

  • To Examine, To Inspect - This involves closely examining something to ensure that it meets certain standards.

  • To serve as a model or example - This involves using something as a model or example for others to follow.

  • An official or courtier - This involves someone who is appointed to a position of authority in a court or government.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

乾原- Kambara -

Share乾原 - Kambara -

means "dry, parched, arid."

  • To dry, to dehydrate, to lose moisture.

  • On the surface, on the upper side.

  • A symbol of a ruler, male, or other authority figure.

  • Strong, robust, vigorous.

  • The northwest direction.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

貫原- Kambara -

Share貫原 - Kambara -

means "pierce, penetrate, unit of weight."

  • To penetrate - To pass through something.

  • To continue - To persist or remain in a certain state.

  • To give money - To provide money as payment or as a gift.

  • Reasoning - A logical sequence of thoughts or ideas.

  • Household registration - A system of registering individuals and their families in Japan.

  • Matter - A subject or situation under consideration.

  • To learn - To gain knowledge or skill through study or experience.

  • To draw a bow - To pull back the string of a bow in order to shoot an arrow.

  • To pull - To exert force on something in order to move it.

  • Unit of weight - A unit of measurement used to measure the weight of an object.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

咸原- Kambara -

Share咸原 - Kambara -

means "all."

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

完原- Kambara -

Share完原 - Kambara -

means "complete, perfect, finish."

  • Complete - Having all parts or elements

  • Fulfill - To carry out or complete (a task, duty, or promise).

  • Accomplish - To successfully finish or achieve (something).

  • Preserve - To keep safe from harm, damage, or loss.

means "origin, source, foundation."

  • Householdstip: under 10

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