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  • Hiraganatip:こん
  • Katakanatip:コン
  • Householdstip:aprx. 10,000
  • English transcriptiontip:Kon

Names and Meanings by Kanji - 8 variations

In Japanese, there is a culture of kanji which is a set of characters that originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of kanji characters.
Even surnames with the same reading have different meanings depending on how the kanji characters are applied.
For Kon, kanji choices are listed below, sorted by the households number in Japan.

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- Kon -

Share今 - Kon -

means "now, present moment."

  • Now - Refers to the present moment.

  • Current - Refers to the present time or era.

  • Immediately - Refers to doing something without delay.

  • Soon - Refers to doing something in the near future.

  • Householdstip: aprx. 5,000

- Kon -

Share金 - Kon -

means "gold, money, metal."

  • Metal - A general term for metals, such as gold.

  • Money - Currency, coins, and other forms of payment.

  • Color - Golden or golden-colored.

  • Hardness - A metaphor for something hard.

  • Beauty - A metaphor for something beautiful and precious, like gold.

  • Metal in Five Elements - One of the five elements,

  • West - West in eight directions.

  • Star - The name of a star, Venus.

  • Shogi Piece - One of the pieces in shogi, the gold general(金将).

  • Friday - One of the seven days of the week.

  • Householdstip: aprx. 4,000

- Kon -

Share近 - Kon -

means "near, close, proximity."

  • Close - Being close in terms of time or distance, having little separation.

  • Close Relationship - Being close to someone, such as a family member.

  • Approaching - Moving closer to something.

  • Drawing Near - Coming close to something.

  • Householdstip: aprx. 1,000

- Kon -

Share昆 - Kon -

means "descendants, elder brother, insect."

  • Group, Clan, Flock - A group of people or animals that are closely related or have a common purpose.

  • Relatives - Brothers, sisters, or other family members.

  • Insects - A group of insects that gather together.

  • Householdstip: aprx. 1,000

- Kon -

Share根 - Kon -

means "root, basis, foundation."

  • Root - The root of a plant or tree.

  • Foundation - The basis or source of something.

  • Motivation - The power to keep doing something for a long time.

  • Multiplier - In mathematics, the number that is multiplied by itself several times to produce a given number.

  • Unknown Variable - In mathematics, the unknown number that makes an equation true.

  • Householdstip: aprx. 100

- Kon -

Share紺 - Kon -

means "navy blue, dark blue."

  • Dark Blue - A deep blue color with a hint of red.

  • Householdstip: aprx. 60

- Kon -

Share権 - Kon -

means "power, authority, right."

  • Weight - A measure of the heaviness of an object.

  • Measurement - A tool used to measure the weight of an object.

  • To Measure - To measure the amount or weight of something.

  • Planning - A plan or strategy.

  • Power - Force, strength, or influence.

  • Temporary - Provisional or temporary.

  • Authority - A subordinate to the rightful authority.

  • Householdstip: under 10

- Kon -

Share康 - Kon -

means "health, peaceful, comfortable."

  • Householdstip: under 10

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