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Love for Ukraine

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Kanji '甘' - sweet, sugary, gentle, lenient

  • Meaning
    • Sweet - Having a pleasant taste, usually referring to a sugary flavor.

    • Mild - Not strong or intense, gentle.

    • Loose - Not firmly or tightly fixed in place, not held securely.

    • Lenient - Not strict or severe, tolerant.

    • Dull - Not sharp or clear, not bright or intense.

    • Yielding - Giving way to pressure, compliant.

    • Satisfied - Feeling contented or pleased with a situation.

    • Pleasing - Giving pleasure or satisfaction, enjoyable.

    • Tasteful - Having a pleasant or attractive flavor.

    • Pleasant - Giving pleasure or contentment, agreeable.

    • Sweetening - Making something sweeter or more pleasant.

    • Delicious - Having a very pleasant taste.

    • Appealing - Attractive or interesting, inviting.

    • Milder - Not as strong or intense, less severe.

    • Insufficient - Not enough, inadequate.

    • Lax - Not strict or thorough, careless.

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Examples of ideas to incorporate into a name

  • Sweet - This is a positive connotation that implies a kind and gentle nature.

  • Mild - This implies a gentle and understanding personality.

  • Satisfied - This implies contentment and a feeling of fulfillment.

  • Pleasant - This implies a pleasant and enjoyable personality.

  • Skilled - This implies a person who is talented and capable.

  • Delicious - This implies a person who is enjoyable and delightful to be around.

  • Tasteful - This implies a person who is tasteful and has good judgement.

  • Kind - This implies a person who is kind and considerate.

  • Lenient - This implies a person who is forgiving and understanding.

  • Soft - This implies a person who is gentle and compassionate.

First Names containing 甘 - 20 names

Last Names containing 甘 - 77 names

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Love for Ukraine

Supporting Ukraine Kids together

As the situation in Ukraine escalates, I feel with emotions too overwhelming to name. There are many children in Ukraine whose homes have been destroyed and without food and water. Gentle support is needed.

Please donate to Save the Children.

According to Google Analytics, Japanese has been visited from 217 countries and regions for 30 days. Of course, Ukrainian and Russian users are also included.

For the kind Russian people

Apparently this isn't broadcast on Russian TV, but what the Russian government is doing isn't actually a peacekeeping operation, but is more correctly described as an invasion and looting of your relative's country, Ukraine.

The only power that can change the reality in Ukraine is for the Russian people to speak out. Please touch the world media outside of Russia to see how your government is causing the tragic situation. Thank you for a peaceful world!

e.g. UNICEF, Red Cross